Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)


The ArcGIS system is an integrated geographic information system (GIS) consisting of three key parts: ArcGIS Desktop software, an integrated suite of advanced GIS applications; ArcSDE gateway, an interface for managing geodatabases in a database management system (DBMS) and ArcIMS software, an Internet-based GIS for distributing data and services. Please see our Software List for software availability and pricing information.

The ESRI site license allows participating departments to install the ArcGIS software on their NMSU owned computers only. Only NMSU faculty, staff and registered students may use this software for instructional, research, and administrative purposes. Use of the licensed programs for profit, private gain, or other commercial use is illegal.

NMSU does not have a home-use agreement for this software.

If your dept. has a license you can register for and download ArcGIS software at



Enter your official NMSU email address in this format:
DO NOT enter a subdomain such as ad, cs, dacc, psl, etc. — which looks like this:

Once registered you will receive an email so you can complete your registration. Once you have completed your registration you can purchase and download an installation on the web-store using a department index Number.

**Please keep record of the password your create for your account. The password you create on the web store is independent from your NMSU account password.**



For information on participating in this site license, contact:

Justin Krynitz

Hardman and Jacobs ULC, Room 105


Phone: (575) 646-7786