Microsoft Select Plus

NMSU has two ways of getting software from Microsoft.

The EES (Enrollment for Education Solutions) which is an agreement we get our core software from like Microsoft Office and Windows OS. This agreement we enroll in every year and is paid for by all NMSU departments based on FTE (full time equivalency). This allows us to always stay up to date with the latest Microsoft products, like Office and Windows operating systems, that are essential to the University.


And the Microsoft Select Plus Agreement which is a program that allows NMSU Employees to purchase software licenses and services at volume discount prices. The Microsoft products purchased from the Select Plus Agreement are additional software licenses that are not offered as apart of the bundles we get from our EES agreement. Licenses purchased as a part of the Select Plus Agreement do not expire and are called perpetual licenses. These perpetual licenses are owned by the dept. and assigned to a user until they need to be reassigned.


If you believe your dept. owns a license that was purchased from the Select Plus Agreement please contact us at 646-1840. We will need the buyers information at the time of purchase in order to be able to find the license.


An Example of some of the products that can be purchased from Microsoft’s Select Plus Program are:

  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server 
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 

If you need an older version of a current software license you can purchase the most recent license and down grade the install to the version you need.

For additional information, contact:

Justin Krynitz, Software Licensing and Compliance Specialist, Hardman and Jacobs ULC, Room 105 Email: Phone: (575) 646-7786