Work at Home and Home Use

Office 365 Education Benefit 

Office 365 Education Benefit Advertising Banner

Office 365 Education Benefit Advertising Banner

In order to help you have a successful year, we’re providing Office 365 to every faculty and staff member at our school free of charge. With Office 365, you will have access to the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and much more to help you both in the classroom and office. And with students using the same programs, you can easily share materials and get assignments electronically without file fidelity issues.

• Setup is simple; no need to wait for IT

• Install on up to 5 compatible PCs and Macs, plus 5 tablets (including iPad!)

• Includes 1TB of storage from OneDrive so you and your students can easily work together and stay connected

• Office subscription continues as long as you’re working at this school and the program continues


Students also qualify for this benefit and can go to  for more help.


Follow these easy steps to get Office.

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down to Get Office 365 for Free
  3. Enter your in your NMSU e-mail address then click the blue button “Get Office for Free”
  4. Select whether you are a “Student” or a “Teacher”. Staff may click teacher.
  5. Click on “Sign in” (may see message “You have an account with Us”)
  6.  You will be taken to the NMSU Office 365 Portal. Log in with your NMSU credentials.
  7.  Follow the on screen prompts.
  8. Once you are finished you should be in the NMSU office 365 portal and you will see a button that says install office. Click on this button
  9. when you click you should see an option that says “Office 365 Apps” with a download emblem. Select this to start your download.
  10. Once you download is finished you can double click on the setup from your downloads folder and it will run the installer. Be sure you are connected to the internet during the installation.



If you have trouble installing Office, this guide may resolve your issue:


If a copy of the software is needed for an NMSU owned computer this already available at no charge, please contact the ICT Software Licensing at 646-1840.


Who is eligible? Generally, all current NMSU employees are eligible for this benefit.  All retirees are ineligible.

How long can you use the Office Suite? Employees can use the software suite for as long as they are employed by NMSU. Once your employment ends with NMSU you must remove the office suite from your computer.


Work at Home Program

Windows Operating Systems (eg. Windows 8, Windows 10) are available as a Work At Home download for faculty, staff, and graduate assistants employed by NMSU, to purchase for installation on their home computers for work-at-home purposes.


In order to get a Work at Home download for you personal computer please go to our NMSU work at home web store at and register using your NMSU email address.



Enter your official NMSU email address in this format:
DO NOT enter a subdomain such as ad, cs, dacc, psl, etc. — which looks like this:

Once registered you will receive an email so you can complete your registration. Once you have completed your registration you can purchase your work at home installation on the web-store using a valid credit card.


**Please keep record of the password your create for your account. The password you create on the web store is independent from your NMSU account password.**