SAS Software Site Licenses


SAS statistical software provides tools essential for mastering the four data-driven tasks common to virtually any application: data access, management, analysis, and presentation. All within an applications development environment.

SAS is apart of the NMSU ESB (enterprise software bundle).

The SAS site license allows NMSU employees to install SAS software on licensed NMSU owned computers. Only NMSU faculty, staff, and registered students may use the SAS software.

**SAS software may only be used for teaching, academic research purposes. Teaching and Research purposes are limited to classroom instruction and coursework directly related to customer’s post-secondary degree requirements, including the formulation of theses and dissertations, and NMSU employee’s noncommercial research activities. Software licensed for T&R purposes may be used by NMSU employees and Students 

Use of the SAS software for profit, private gain, or other commercial use is illegal.**


Home use of SAS software is allowed on a home computer, property of an NMSU faculty/staff employee if the NMSU faculty/staff employee has a licensed SAS software copy installed on their NMSU owned office computer. NMSU/ICT must have a signed Home Use Agreement on file for each faculty/staff person using SAS software at home.

NMSU registered students may install a SAS to be used on their home computer. The NMSU student must sign a Student Home Use Agreement.



SAS can be downloaded from a temporary download link. You can request a download link by emailing SAS is a very large download and you will need to have a good stable connection in order to download the software.



SAS software requires that you install update codes annually. If update codes are not installed prior to October 1st each year, your SAS software will no longer work. Updates files will not be sent automatically, they must be requested. To request update files please email and provide the SAS version you are using and whether your computer is a 32-bit or 64-bit system.

Update codes are available after September 1st each year. Send email to to request update codes.